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Break time

22 Mar

Guess what?!

I suck at blogging lately, and thats mostly because I have been doing more work at work to try to prepare for leaving and starting a new job!!!

I’m extremely excited that I have been hired as an embryology tech working in a lab at a fertility clinic! I can’t wait to get back to doing science-y stuff and working with people that don’t burp all day or annoy me. I have a co-worker that has made it his goal in life to prove I’m wrong about everything. My religion, my eating habits, my exercise…everything about my life basically. (He also thinks weight watchers meals and buttered popcorn are HEALTHY foods…ugh, I just keep my mouth shut because he’s not worth the argument) I can’t wait to wear scrubs and have nice hours that allow me to see more daylight! I am finally going to be able to do kids programs and after-school programs that I’ve been wanting to build…plus fingers crossed that I’ll actually be able to afford my bills, now!!!

I also look forward to being able to have a more focused CrossFit training schedule and less desk sitting. Ok, enough about that, I just wanted to say don’t expect posts until I settle into all of this.

My past week in pictures…

IMG_20130320_191328 IMG_20130314_203639 IMG_20130315_102357 IMG_20130316_121828 IMG_20130317_181148

Onto CrossFit. 13.1-meh, it was ok, I was happy enough. 13.2, thats sucked but I was proud of my score. 13.3, attempted last night, my back froze and I crawled away from the wall after only 115 wallballs. Sunday, I shall try again!

Follow me on twitter. I promise to be active there and be super fun and awesome to follow.

And if you happen to live anywhere close to Albany, NY, you should be here tomorrow. Because it took a lot of hard work to put together and now its finally happening!

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