My biggest fear!

21 Feb

I found a few minutes! I’ve been jotting down notes/idea of things to talk about so when I found a few minutes I would be able to write up my blog!

I was going to write up something super inspiring that plays off that quote “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start, to be great”. First of all, last week when I was coaching a guy told me that he needed to get in shape before he could come back and really do CrossFit. NOOoooo, if you think that, then us trainers, competitors and veteran CrossFitters are not doing our job. 1- CrossFit is a form of fitness and is all about improving yourself 2-CrossFit is a community and we should be inspiring others to want to be better than they were yesterday, not feeling like any less of an athlete because we can lift more or go faster than they can.

Next topic:
Last weekend, I witnessed something that terrifies me. While attempting a heavy lift….a girl peed herself. I understand how this is possible, and there is a reason that I pee every 5 minutes up until 3-2-1 is called…I feel these might be a necessary purchase:


I’ve been doing well with my paleo challenge! Not many cravings and I’ve been eating really well 🙂 I pack SO much food (well, for me) when I go to work. Like 2 full chicken sausages and an entire bag of roasted brussel sprouts…Mmmm

Workouts this week:
Monday: Rest Day…more like I still can’t move from the competition day
Deadlifts 225/155
Handstand push ups
finished- 10:04 …I suck at HSPUs 😦
100 overhead squats with 3 pushups EMOM
I finished in 9:29…kinda proud of that, but Oh my am I feeling it today!
Shankle Complex
3 Hang Clean Shrugs
1 Squat Clean
2 Push Jerks or Split Jerks
Not for time. Work up to your heaviest set.
I’m really pumped for this one! I love complexes…

The next few days of WODs are crazy and I will be begging for a rest day come Sunday!

Thats all folks! next blog post will be something for the Liebster award? Silly bloggers making me do extra work 🙂 ….ok, I’m actually pretty excited to do it! Later gator!4a0873bfc4f889bf8215258190f9fac9


Winter Throwdown 2013

18 Feb

This past Saturday was the Winter Throwdown at CrossFit Triton in Wallingford, CT. If you don’t stay up to date with me, about a month and a half ago I couldn’t do pullups without using a band, and even then it never went well. Then suddenly I picked up kipping and BOOM, flash forward, I’m competing in an RX division competition chock full of pull-ups.

Here are the 3 WODs we did…

Row 250 meters while the other partner holds a plate in each hand; then switch positions and repeat.
Then: Fran: 21, 15, 9 Thruster/Pullups,
Then: Row 250 meters while the other partner holds a plate in each hand; then switch positions and repeat.
Rowers dampers on 5, plate 45/25, thruster 95/65. 30 second penalty for loss of grip and plate drops.
Clean Ladder:
Men’s Ladder begins at 165, Women’s Ladder begins at 95.
Teams will be allowed 1 minute per bar for both athletes to complete lift. If lift is missed, count number of burpees accomplished in remaining time.
Score will be the total of both athlete’s load and burpees.
It’s a Chipper!
80 double unders,
70 burpees,
60 kettlebell swings 55/45,
50 wall balls 20,14,
40 power snatch 135/95,
30 toes to bar,
20 box jumps 30/24,
10 sumo high pulls with barbell 135/95

Fact: I am emotionally invested in CrossFit. This means, when I fail or don’t do as well as I hoped, I cry.1Tears of disappointment…
595lb Snatch

4A less successful 95lb snatch



My partner and I both got clean PR’s! 165# for me and 175# for her!

Yes, that high pitched screech was me, and don’t be jealous of my sweet dance moves!

We finished 13th out of 25 and Matt’s team finished 26th? out of 55.

482463_4418858757107_932452687_nThis is while watching the mens RX heats before them… They look terrifed! The name of the game is stay alive.
521463_4418997800583_1787455847_n135lb snatch524949_4418888637854_823846874_nMatt’s 235lb clean (PR for him!)

Good weekend overall! I can’t move yet…everything hurts! Hopefully I’ll feel better soon!

**Today started my paleo challenge with Melissa! Off to a good start, so far! Follow on twitter: #30daypaleochallenge @ms_mlove @beastmode_chic

T-Rex Arms

14 Feb

Happy Valentines day! ❤

The responses I got yesterday, the talks I had, all took some of the edge off my gloom…then leaving work early, getting some sunshine on my skin, (it was only 40 degrees out, but I was at the box running in my tank top like it was 72!) helped a bit too….

I really appreciate all of you that read my blog regularly! You rock!

IMG_20130213_150340Me and my way too sweet pre-workout mix…I think it helped? I felt energized?

Then, at CrossFit, I was reminded of how far I’ve come in a short time.

Partner WOD:
Row 250 while partner hold 25# plate overhead (switch)
then do FRAN
First partner does 21 thrusters and 21 pullups,
Then Second does 21-21
First does 15-15
Second does 15-15
First does 9-9
Second does 9-9
then first partner rows 250 while partner hold 25# plate overhead, then switch and done!
BUT there are penalties:
drop or not lock out the plate over head= 30 seconds
drop the barbell/let go/come off the pull-up bar=30 seconds

**This was my FIRST ever actual WOD done without any pull-up assistance

We finished in 25:32 (20:02 plus 5:30 in penalty time)

I did nine pull-ups in a row. I also cried my eyes out while doing it. Then I walked around with t-rex arms.

Actually, I think it should be referred to as “velociraptor arms” because T-rexes have short arms while raptors actually walk with bent arms…

velociraptorThis Raptor resembles the one I dreamt about Monday night…so scary

Then I spent the night holding frozen peas….because they aren’t good for much else… #swollenhands



Other random update: Whole30 was a fail. It was stressful with all the no snacking, eat at this time rules. I don’t do well with strict like that. I cried a lot. (notice a trend? yes, I’m emotional) BUT Melissa (@ms_mlove) and I are starting a 30 day paleo challenge on Monday! Let me know if you’re up for it, I could use some support 🙂 and maybe a lock on all the sweets hiding in the cabinets!


Not Typically Me

13 Feb

I have fallen into a bit of a dark spot. I’m not sure why, I’ve faced harder times and by no means do I think my life is difficult. I am just losing confidence in myself.

89447271527ce1e0a3d2263d07eb2a4bIt’s funny how things happen, not one at a time, but all at once. “when it rains, it pours” they say. CrossFit has done wonders for me…it gives me a sense of accomplishment, it makes me feel good about myself, I feel like a belong and being a part of it fills a void that I’ve had since I moved to NY (But I miss having close friends to talk to). I have an amazing loving boyfriend that has made my life a million times better (but I miss having my family around). I still struggle to be happy with myself. I truly don’t know if I will ever feel like I am “enough”….

good enough

strong enough

smart enough

skinny enough

successful enough

successI work in a job that is just that…a job. I don’t save lives, I don’t make any sort of impact on society, seriously, I am at work right now writing this…how many of you can blog while your at work?

This isn’t good enough for me.

The beginning of this month, I let me credentials expire and the education I spent a ton of money on and 4 years of my life on means a little less. I can no longer be what I once wanted to be.

As if that doesn’t hurt my ego enough, I’ve been lifting heavier eating more and gaining weight. Nothing major, but I’m a girl and society has driven it into my head that I’m supposed to be Jessica Biel (my body idol) and I’m just Karli. My sweaters rip around my shoulders, my pants all pull around my butt….sure I can squat over 200lbs now but I can’t do a muscle up…or pullups! but no one outside of the fitness world cares.

09591e937edebca821a3335b0e787b02This weekend I have a competition and one WOD is a partner Fran + rowing thing. I have to do 45 pull-ups and not make a fool out of myself or let me partner down.

Hopefully it’s just the dark skies and cold weather and homesickness getting to me….

200 Club!

11 Feb

Good Monday morning friends!

First of all, It’s not really a good morning since there was a cockroch in my office…in my coffee mug this morning.

But, I survived the blizzard that never really hit Albany, NY this weekend.  Some surrounding higher elevations seemed to get it, but all in all it wasn’t THAT bad!

I haven’t been posting much (actually since the 5th, I guess?) BUT since then I’ve had a few PRs and hard workouts. (My youtube site is acting up and still won’t post the correct video…so if the videos don’t match up with what I’m saying, check out my youtube channel!)

Max Overhead Squat- 145# (20lb PR!)
I was aiming for 155 to beat my friend, but I failed 😦 I was trying to split jerk with a snatch width grip…not easy.

Rest day and coaching day! My coach made fun of me for suggesting dancing as a warm up. Eh, it’s what I do!

Max Back squat-> goal= 200
I got 210# that’s a 15# PR for me! AND I joined the 200 club haha

Last time I maxed out on back squat, I pulled something in my bicep/shoulder and couldn’t do anything upper body for a week. I was terrified that would happen again!

Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser- My score was 280!
It was painful…especially after heavy squats the night before but I felt good!
Picture recap:

facebook_-1630369215 16448_4370327903866_1769342740_nfacebook_748019501531702_4370330183923_1051104723_nI can levitate 🙂

facebook_341027242Post Fight Gone Bad379191_4370368984893_690457816_n2nd WOD, 2 minute stations for max reps…Little Richard was one station

282668_4370946599333_586204607_nWe are in the running for the most disgustingly cute couple in the box…it’s a close race but this pic put us in the lead!

Lifting with chains and bands…and then the big question,
Do I compete in a strongman competition in 2 weeks? The problem is, I’m a heavyweight in the women’s division and I think I’ll get trampled. But it would be fun to do and it’s only $30?

This week is another competition prep week! I’m extremely nervous about this Saturday’s comp…fingers crossed that I magically get really good at pull-ups!

I’m Hungry

5 Feb

I’m so hungry. I could eat fish and broccoli right now. Thats the trick right? If that sounds appetizing, then I actually am hungry. I only ate 2 eggs, a bowl of broccoli and cauliflower, an apple and almond butter, apple chips, a handful or almonds and 3 pieces of fruit leather….it’s 11:34am, I woke up at 5am and in 6 hours I’ve eaten all of that and I’m still hungry. I did do “DT” with 115# (which I’m kinda proud of) but really body?! Can’t you just use the fat thats already on my body??

Anyway… Workout recap:

5 rounds
6 Turkish get-ups (3 each side)
12 KB cleans (6 each side)
24 KB swings
-I used 35# KB…I struggled mostly to get my arm up off the ground to just hold the KB!

“DT”-5 rounds
12 deadlifts
9 hang cleans
6 push jerks
-The RX weight is 155lbs, thats my max clean…so obviously I didn’t use that! I went with 115# and it was rough, mostly on my back and chest. My chest is covered in bruises, now.

95# Snatch…Warning-I have crappy form…I couldn’t upload my 75# one but it should off a snazzy little donkey kick. No idea where that came from.

IMG_9290Pot of chicken and veggies…slow-cooked! I wasn’t a big fan…I don’t like using chicken drumsticks! Would have been better with chicken breast or that other part thats big.

20130203_121305I posted this yesterday! It was my pulled pork from the Super Bowl, prior to the pulling!

IMG_9289Typical breakfast…2-3 eggs and veggies. This one was roasted brussel sprouts and Trader Joes bavarian sausage

If someone would like to hire me to cook paleo for them full-time, I’m looking for a job. haha…That would be fantastic, though 😦

Whole30- I don’t think I’m doing this thing right. I’m sorry, but I can’t eat before and after my WOD and then eat breakfast, then not snack…it just doesnt work for my schedule. K, thanks.

I’m going to go cry in a corner about how badly I want cheese and chocolate or you know, snacks.


Whole-y Moley

4 Feb

I do not like not being able to eat chocolate. I don’t want bread, pasta, milk, cheese, sugar in my coffee…I want chocolate. Matt is an extremely healthy eater during the main meals of the day…like spot on whole9 approved meals. But he also eats lots of almonds, apple chips, and enjoy life chocolates, as well as my super delicious paleo cheesecake made with cashews.

(I can’t find the recipe, but I didn’t follow it exactly anyway! I made a crust of pistachios, pecans, almonds, and raisins and coconut oil….then in a food processor, processed til creamy and tasty- soaked raw cashews, honey, dates, lemon juice, vanilla and coconut oil….i think? anyway, I forgot to measure when I started so I winged it and it turned out fantastic!)

BUT it’s not whole30 approved so I can’t eat it. But Matt has no problem eating it… Grrr.


Tomorrow I’m going to post pics and recipes for what I’ve been eating! For the Super Bowl we had a pretty nice spread…pulled pork, wings, sweet potato fries, veggies, and apple chips!

puppy-bowl-2-600This is my dream. Puppies!!!

Weekend WODs:
Saturday: I was supposed to do “Christine” but I woke up that morning feeling like poo so I chose to work on skill rather than waste the little bit of energy I had on a WOD I hate! I worked on my snatch at 95#…I still pull late and stand up too soon, but I can get it up 3 times consecutively, so thats good! (videos to come!)
Sunday: Heavy deadlift WOD
Every minute on the minute alternating with a partner
3 box squat box jumps (from sitting on a box, jump onto a higher box)
then 6 deadlifts at 205#
I went unbroken on all of my deadlifts which is good for me!

20130131_170814Update on the Lulus- They really do fit amazingly…I love the material and the fact that they are sized and not just S, M, L 🙂 Worth the money, but probably won’t be buying more anytime soon!

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