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4 Sep

Waking up at 5am instead of 6:30am was painful this morning. Three days of waking up without an alarm spoiled me. On the bright side, it’s Tuesday, not Monday!

I had another weekend full of way too much stuff! (I feel like I’m making up for a year of spending weekends having movie marathons by myself….oh, life before Matt. How I don’t miss you) The workouts this weekend were intense, mostly legs…not sure how I’m walking today.
Saturday- WOD #1: 3 rounds, 10 back squats at your body weight (or if you weigh too much scale it! I did 150lbs…I weigh more than that…I know) and then 400m run. 
WOD #2: 100 pushups, every time you stop (fail, rest, etc) penalty of 5 sit-ups 
WOD#3: “Grace”, 30 clean and jerks for time (I did 75#, RX would be 95# for women…I could RX is I hadn’t done 2 WODS before it!)
^brussel sprouts for breakfast!
Then, after brunch, I spent all day at the outlets buying cute big-girl clothes 🙂 …greatest news ever was finding out I fit in a size 8 in Ann Taylor and Banana Republic! 
Sunday- Rest day!…sorta? Baconfest took up the morning and filled my belly with pork-tastic deliciousness. Then, Matt and I hiked Acra Point in the Catskills! It was the hardest hike I’ve done. It was straight up…I couldn’t even be bothered with the scenery because I was fearing for my life with the steep trail and slippy gravel, and roots poking up everywhere! It was worth it though! (I couldn’t do handstands on the ledge though, there was four generations of a family having a picnic right on the ledge…they wee kind enough to take pictures though!)
 I did not eat this…but it looked amazing!

I might have chased this guy around for multiple pictures…

See the steep, scary-ness?! 
I’m good at self-portraits…FYI

Monday: WOD “Stephen”…but not the “Stephen” you’d find online…this one was dedicated to my CrossFit coach’s late husband. It’s an annual WOD now every Labor Day. 10 rounds of 10 burpees, 200m run, 30 air squats for time. It was intense, but was great to do it with a huge group of people from 3 different CrossFit boxes. Being the natural disaster that I am, I managed to take out the #1 female in the WOD…poor girl hit the pavement hard as my monster feet slid right in front of her mid-run. She came back after finishing and cheered me on as I finished….God I freaking love CrossFit and the amazing people that I get to do it with.

Hope the short week isn’t too rough! Keep fit and keep going people! 🙂

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Perseverance is the key to success...