Weekend Recap!

4 Mar

Boyfriend wants me to blog today…

Weekend Recap time!

I did “White”…it was actually a perfect day, the weather was warm-ish, so running the 400s weren’t awful!
3 rope climbs
10 T2B
21 lunges with 45# overhead
400m run

I finished in 30:33 and got this…

20130302_073658And another 8 or 9 bruises along my inner thighs…freakin’ ropes… I need to learn how to climb with the “hook” instead of the “wrap”. I attempted the hook, made it to the top, lost my footing and panicked as I hung there by my arms. Then slid down fireman style and ended up with a bloody finger! #ropeclimbproblems

Matt and I went to Montreal to see the Pens play against the Canadiens20130302_162813


20130302_212914We bet on the game…

Canadiens win: I do 500 burpees
Pens win: Matt does 500 burpees and we go kitty cat shopping!

Pens won! Matt’s goal is to finish in 1 hour (Spencer Hendel did it in 50-some minutes!)

20130302_165134This was delicious…not quite filling enough, we were hungry by the middle of the game….but so good!

IMG_20130303_111905Matt bought 3lbs of shredded chicken from the BBQ restaurant by our apartment. The guy asked if Matt was having a party… “Nope, just for me and my gf” We brought 2lbs of it for the road and had it for lunch both days along with our roasted veggies! Paleo Success!


20130303_182414I made this! Its big and awesome and has a pink hibiscus (like my tattoo) on the other side.

Sunday’s WOD was ok…Matt got hurt and I got frustrated. I just want someone to no rep me during my WODs…I’m still new to pull-ups and I can’t tell if I didn’t get my chin over! I’d rather get no repped than NEVER get my pull-ups down!

Oh well, I just need to keep working hard…soon enough!


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