27 Feb


When I was younger, eating white bread was normal. Then the whole wheat, brown everything thing happened, and I joined in. I still didn’t think twice about eating bread or pasta, but never REALLY felt great about eating those things. I was more focused on watching my sweets. And sadly always feeling regret when I ate those…or ate too much…or really ate in general. I was a mess and eating just sucked.

Then I started Paleo/whole food eating. It was fantastic, I was free! I ate well and didn’t leave the the dinner table thinking I just gained 10lbs. Even when I ate paleo “treats” I didn’t feel icky. I only felt that annoying regret when I ate cheats like bread or pasta and my stomach felt bloated and I felt sick. I could

deal with this because knowing that breads and pasta lacked the nutrition that I needed for my training and made me feel sick, made me not really want it anyway!

Now, I’m still eating paleo/whole food, but I find myself getting mad and regretting meals again…but this time I regret eating roasted vegetables or fruit! When did fruit and veggies become unhealthy? It’s not like I’m covering these veggies in cheese and calling it healthy…no plain veggies, roasted in the oven….Why? Because I’m not perfect and I’m not 10% body fat and I keep reading about these ultra-low carb diets that sound awful but now make me


rethink my love for what I thought was healthy!

OMG this is exhausting!

I feel like all I can eat is grilled chicken. Wait, scratch that, free range, farm grown, locally sold, treated like royalty chicken.


One Response to “Food.”

  1. grizzlystrong February 27, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

    If it helps, I grew up with white bread PB&J, I jumped onto the whole grain living like it was going out of style (10lb box of Oatmeal anyone?), and cheat so infrequently because the guilt and regret eat holes in my brain. I get my chicken from Costco, I put maltodextrin in my shakes, and every 8 weeks or so I eat a whole pie…or cake…or something. At some point you have to simply have to draw the line, you only have so much energy to expend and the cost to benefit of putting every piece of food under a microscope just doesn’t fit in. Check out ( – it helped me take a huge step back. And no, performance athletes should not be carb free, ketogenic, or anything close.

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