Winter Throwdown 2013

18 Feb

This past Saturday was the Winter Throwdown at CrossFit Triton in Wallingford, CT. If you don’t stay up to date with me, about a month and a half ago I couldn’t do pullups without using a band, and even then it never went well. Then suddenly I picked up kipping and BOOM, flash forward, I’m competing in an RX division competition chock full of pull-ups.

Here are the 3 WODs we did…

Row 250 meters while the other partner holds a plate in each hand; then switch positions and repeat.
Then: Fran: 21, 15, 9 Thruster/Pullups,
Then: Row 250 meters while the other partner holds a plate in each hand; then switch positions and repeat.
Rowers dampers on 5, plate 45/25, thruster 95/65. 30 second penalty for loss of grip and plate drops.
Clean Ladder:
Men’s Ladder begins at 165, Women’s Ladder begins at 95.
Teams will be allowed 1 minute per bar for both athletes to complete lift. If lift is missed, count number of burpees accomplished in remaining time.
Score will be the total of both athlete’s load and burpees.
It’s a Chipper!
80 double unders,
70 burpees,
60 kettlebell swings 55/45,
50 wall balls 20,14,
40 power snatch 135/95,
30 toes to bar,
20 box jumps 30/24,
10 sumo high pulls with barbell 135/95

Fact: I am emotionally invested in CrossFit. This means, when I fail or don’t do as well as I hoped, I cry.1Tears of disappointment…
595lb Snatch

4A less successful 95lb snatch



My partner and I both got clean PR’s! 165# for me and 175# for her!

Yes, that high pitched screech was me, and don’t be jealous of my sweet dance moves!

We finished 13th out of 25 and Matt’s team finished 26th? out of 55.

482463_4418858757107_932452687_nThis is while watching the mens RX heats before them… They look terrifed! The name of the game is stay alive.
521463_4418997800583_1787455847_n135lb snatch524949_4418888637854_823846874_nMatt’s 235lb clean (PR for him!)

Good weekend overall! I can’t move yet…everything hurts! Hopefully I’ll feel better soon!

**Today started my paleo challenge with Melissa! Off to a good start, so far! Follow on twitter: #30daypaleochallenge @ms_mlove @beastmode_chic


3 Responses to “Winter Throwdown 2013”

  1. ~jenniferlynn February 18, 2013 at 6:51 pm #

    You are SO inspiring, chica!!!! I still can hardly kip WITH bands.. I can do TWO strict pull-ups, but that whole kipping thing I need to work on!
    Awesome job on the competition!!!

  2. Melissa Love February 19, 2013 at 3:33 am #

    Woot Woot — look at you! Pull up machine! Congrats on the clean PR — and tell Matt kudos too! Ya’ll rocked it!! I still don’t get kipping…maybe one day. My body literally just doesn’t get it — or maybe my upper body just really needs a TON of work. Either way! YAY day 1 of Paleo challenge DONE 🙂

  3. antbeckman February 24, 2013 at 3:13 am #

    Its really awesome that you are out there competing! You did very well too!
    You inspire and motivates us. I definitely appreciate your humor and honesty. I need to let me ego go – and see what i’m capable of. Cannot let myself be in training mode forever. Face the goat!

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