T-Rex Arms

14 Feb

Happy Valentines day! ❤

The responses I got yesterday, the talks I had, all took some of the edge off my gloom…then leaving work early, getting some sunshine on my skin, (it was only 40 degrees out, but I was at the box running in my tank top like it was 72!) helped a bit too….

I really appreciate all of you that read my blog regularly! You rock!

IMG_20130213_150340Me and my way too sweet pre-workout mix…I think it helped? I felt energized?

Then, at CrossFit, I was reminded of how far I’ve come in a short time.

Partner WOD:
Row 250 while partner hold 25# plate overhead (switch)
then do FRAN
First partner does 21 thrusters and 21 pullups,
Then Second does 21-21
First does 15-15
Second does 15-15
First does 9-9
Second does 9-9
then first partner rows 250 while partner hold 25# plate overhead, then switch and done!
BUT there are penalties:
drop or not lock out the plate over head= 30 seconds
drop the barbell/let go/come off the pull-up bar=30 seconds

**This was my FIRST ever actual WOD done without any pull-up assistance

We finished in 25:32 (20:02 plus 5:30 in penalty time)

I did nine pull-ups in a row. I also cried my eyes out while doing it. Then I walked around with t-rex arms.

Actually, I think it should be referred to as “velociraptor arms” because T-rexes have short arms while raptors actually walk with bent arms…

velociraptorThis Raptor resembles the one I dreamt about Monday night…so scary

Then I spent the night holding frozen peas….because they aren’t good for much else… #swollenhands



Other random update: Whole30 was a fail. It was stressful with all the no snacking, eat at this time rules. I don’t do well with strict like that. I cried a lot. (notice a trend? yes, I’m emotional) BUT Melissa (@ms_mlove) and I are starting a 30 day paleo challenge on Monday! Let me know if you’re up for it, I could use some support 🙂 and maybe a lock on all the sweets hiding in the cabinets!



3 Responses to “T-Rex Arms”

  1. grizzlystrong February 14, 2013 at 3:46 pm #

    I already eat Paleo so the challenge would be futile but I’m more than happy to offer any assistance!

    • Karli February 14, 2013 at 3:49 pm #

      some of us aren’t as mentally strong as you and eat chocolate and cheese more than they should :X haha

      • Melissa Love February 16, 2013 at 3:46 am #

        haha some of us need some extra help =p

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