200 Club!

11 Feb

Good Monday morning friends!

First of all, It’s not really a good morning since there was a cockroch in my office…in my coffee mug this morning.

But, I survived the blizzard that never really hit Albany, NY this weekend.  Some surrounding higher elevations seemed to get it, but all in all it wasn’t THAT bad!

I haven’t been posting much (actually since the 5th, I guess?) BUT since then I’ve had a few PRs and hard workouts. (My youtube site is acting up and still won’t post the correct video…so if the videos don’t match up with what I’m saying, check out my youtube channel!)

Max Overhead Squat- 145# (20lb PR!)
I was aiming for 155 to beat my friend, but I failed 😦 I was trying to split jerk with a snatch width grip…not easy.

Rest day and coaching day! My coach made fun of me for suggesting dancing as a warm up. Eh, it’s what I do!

Max Back squat-> goal= 200
I got 210# that’s a 15# PR for me! AND I joined the 200 club haha

Last time I maxed out on back squat, I pulled something in my bicep/shoulder and couldn’t do anything upper body for a week. I was terrified that would happen again!

Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser- My score was 280!
It was painful…especially after heavy squats the night before but I felt good!
Picture recap:

facebook_-1630369215 16448_4370327903866_1769342740_nfacebook_748019501531702_4370330183923_1051104723_nI can levitate 🙂

facebook_341027242Post Fight Gone Bad379191_4370368984893_690457816_n2nd WOD, 2 minute stations for max reps…Little Richard was one station

282668_4370946599333_586204607_nWe are in the running for the most disgustingly cute couple in the box…it’s a close race but this pic put us in the lead!

Lifting with chains and bands…and then the big question,
Do I compete in a strongman competition in 2 weeks? The problem is, I’m a heavyweight in the women’s division and I think I’ll get trampled. But it would be fun to do and it’s only $30?

This week is another competition prep week! I’m extremely nervous about this Saturday’s comp…fingers crossed that I magically get really good at pull-ups!


2 Responses to “200 Club!”

  1. Melissa Love February 11, 2013 at 3:35 pm #

    Congrats on the squat lady! That’s freaking AWESOME!! I say do it (the strongman comp) but I also am always down for trying new stuff — even if I get squashed (hello GG haha).

  2. Danielle (@itsaharleyylife) February 11, 2013 at 4:17 pm #

    congrats on the over 200lb back squat! We did them today and I finally hit over 100 haha. You gotta start somewhere right?! haha. PS: you and the boy are adorable! that picture is so cute!

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