I’m Hungry

5 Feb

I’m so hungry. I could eat fish and broccoli right now. Thats the trick right? If that sounds appetizing, then I actually am hungry. I only ate 2 eggs, a bowl of broccoli and cauliflower, an apple and almond butter, apple chips, a handful or almonds and 3 pieces of fruit leather….it’s 11:34am, I woke up at 5am and in 6 hours I’ve eaten all of that and I’m still hungry. I did do “DT” with 115# (which I’m kinda proud of) but really body?! Can’t you just use the fat thats already on my body??

Anyway… Workout recap:

5 rounds
6 Turkish get-ups (3 each side)
12 KB cleans (6 each side)
24 KB swings
-I used 35# KB…I struggled mostly to get my arm up off the ground to just hold the KB!

“DT”-5 rounds
12 deadlifts
9 hang cleans
6 push jerks
-The RX weight is 155lbs, thats my max clean…so obviously I didn’t use that! I went with 115# and it was rough, mostly on my back and chest. My chest is covered in bruises, now.

95# Snatch…Warning-I have crappy form…I couldn’t upload my 75# one but it should off a snazzy little donkey kick. No idea where that came from.

IMG_9290Pot of chicken and veggies…slow-cooked! I wasn’t a big fan…I don’t like using chicken drumsticks! Would have been better with chicken breast or that other part thats big.

20130203_121305I posted this yesterday! It was my pulled pork from the Super Bowl, prior to the pulling!

IMG_9289Typical breakfast…2-3 eggs and veggies. This one was roasted brussel sprouts and Trader Joes bavarian sausage

If someone would like to hire me to cook paleo for them full-time, I’m looking for a job. haha…That would be fantastic, though 😦

Whole30- I don’t think I’m doing this thing right. I’m sorry, but I can’t eat before and after my WOD and then eat breakfast, then not snack…it just doesnt work for my schedule. K, thanks.

I’m going to go cry in a corner about how badly I want cheese and chocolate or you know, snacks.



One Response to “I’m Hungry”

  1. ~jenniferlynn February 5, 2013 at 10:26 pm #

    You make the snatches look easy. I think I’m up to 45lbs on those lol.
    Whole30 is tough with the scheduling part.. but good luck!!

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