Whole-y Moley

4 Feb

I do not like not being able to eat chocolate. I don’t want bread, pasta, milk, cheese, sugar in my coffee…I want chocolate. Matt is an extremely healthy eater during the main meals of the day…like spot on whole9 approved meals. But he also eats lots of almonds, apple chips, and enjoy life chocolates, as well as my super delicious paleo cheesecake made with cashews.

(I can’t find the recipe, but I didn’t follow it exactly anyway! I made a crust of pistachios, pecans, almonds, and raisins and coconut oil….then in a food processor, processed til creamy and tasty- soaked raw cashews, honey, dates, lemon juice, vanilla and coconut oil….i think? anyway, I forgot to measure when I started so I winged it and it turned out fantastic!)

BUT it’s not whole30 approved so I can’t eat it. But Matt has no problem eating it… Grrr.


Tomorrow I’m going to post pics and recipes for what I’ve been eating! For the Super Bowl we had a pretty nice spread…pulled pork, wings, sweet potato fries, veggies, and apple chips!

puppy-bowl-2-600This is my dream. Puppies!!!

Weekend WODs:
Saturday: I was supposed to do “Christine” but I woke up that morning feeling like poo so I chose to work on skill rather than waste the little bit of energy I had on a WOD I hate! I worked on my snatch at 95#…I still pull late and stand up too soon, but I can get it up 3 times consecutively, so thats good! (videos to come!)
Sunday: Heavy deadlift WOD
Every minute on the minute alternating with a partner
3 box squat box jumps (from sitting on a box, jump onto a higher box)
then 6 deadlifts at 205#
I went unbroken on all of my deadlifts which is good for me!

20130131_170814Update on the Lulus- They really do fit amazingly…I love the material and the fact that they are sized and not just S, M, L 🙂 Worth the money, but probably won’t be buying more anytime soon!


One Response to “Whole-y Moley”

  1. Melissa Love February 5, 2013 at 3:31 am #

    Whatever is in your crockpot looks AMAZING!! And the Lulus look FAB on you!! Work it girl! I can’t imagine a 95# snatch! 75# seemed to kill me haha

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