Main Street Pride

28 Jan

This weekend I competed in my FIRST RX women’s competition in Freehold, NJ. It was a Garage Games hosted event and OMG it was messy. It was definitely overcrowded, there was no room to warm up and it was so cold that not warming prior to competing was awful. I couldn’t feel my toes and by 6pm when there was still an hour and a half before my next WOD, I was shaking so much I decided to opt out. My last WOD was Pulling Fran (pull-ups and deadlifts) and the ride home was 3+ hours so I just saw no reason to stay!

Truthfully, anyone complaining about the cold weather doesn’t understand CrossFit (be ready for anything!) but the lack of space and amount of competitors (500!) made it miserable. Not to mention the mud everywhere and the port-o-johns that were nasty and toilet paperless….(seriously, being a girl sucks) Do you know how difficult it is to do double unders when you have to pee? It awful.

I actually went next door and purchased chinese food just so I could use a real toilet.

There were approximately 74 RX women and my approximate finish was 33 ish. Somehow all of my scores were entered into the scaled division so it looks like I did awful because my scores are being compared to women doing half the weight and knee push-ups, etc (I’m a bit bitter haha) I just wanted to be able to legitimately say “This is how I did in my first RX comp!”

The WODs:

1: Stone Face (5 min time cap)
Push Press & KB Swing (75# & 55#)
1-1, 2-2, 3-3…
2:Doubles to Heaven
100 DUs, 63 push-ups, 36 front squats (75#)
50 DUs, 42 pus, 24 fs
25 DUs, 21 pus, fs til 10 min is up
3:PVC mania
5rds (12 min time cap)
5 shoot thrus (dip, shoot thru, push up=1)
10 lateral over the parallette burpees
20 dips
4:Pulling Fran
21-15-9, pull-ups, deadlifts (165#)

20130126_093608I tripped and fell into this lovely lady! My twitter friend and fellow blogger, Melissa! Check out her blog!

IMG_20130127_204839PVC Mania

20130126_161815Don’t judge me for my outfit not matching!


One Response to “Main Street Pride”

  1. Melissa Love January 29, 2013 at 2:49 pm #

    Seriously – still totally stoked to have gotten to meet you!! Sucky conditions temp and moving around wise, but yay for tripping into people! What are the odds we’d end up side-by-side!! haha

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