It’s go time!

24 Jan

Hey everybody!

This week has been sucky in terms of CrossFit! Monday I did PR 3RM thruster, but I felt like I could have done more. I stopped at 115lbs because my shoulder “clicked” and I AM COMPETING IN MY FIRST RX COMPETITION THIS WEEKEND! So no injuries…k?

Then Tuesday happened. Tuesday was “Bradshaw”
10 rds:
3 HSPUs (1 mat)
6 Deadlifts (165lbs)
12 pull-ups (I used the skinniest band!)
24 DUs

I finished in 27:30 ish minutes (I say 30ish because I looked up at my time and then immediately my attention went to my hands…which were bleeding and suddenly screaming in pain. Hmm, funny how I didn’t feel a thing during the WOD!) Definitely NOT what I need for Saturday!!!!

IMG_20130124_100609Here’s how it’s looking today! Its almost healed!!!!

Wednesday was rest day…today at 6am class I spent the hour doing mobility and stretching. Tomorrow will be another rest day and stretch day! Then go time!

My first WOD is at 8:58am and I am #549…I’m actually really excited to have to write my number on my body hah…Total BAMF feeling!

In other news…

Panera has a hidden menu with bread-free options! Google it. Here is my egg white power breakfast bowl with roasted turkey.


It’s cold outside and I have alpaca mittens. I often tell people “Alpaca my mittens…” because I’m hilarious. 🙂IMG_20130122_081202

Have a good weekend and Monday I’ll recap how awful I did on Saturday 🙂 (Did I mention I have to do 8 zillion pushups…and fran?)



2 Responses to “It’s go time!”

  1. grizzlystrong January 24, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

    Haven’t commented in awhile…good luck this weekend!

  2. Melissa Love January 25, 2013 at 2:19 am #

    Yay!!!! Saturday! Saturday 🙂

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