I scream, Ice Cream!

14 Jan

Welcome to another Monday!

Lucky for me, this week is short! I work a half day Thursday and then I’m off on Friday! Matt and I are going to the Poconos for my birthday weekend!!! (I turn the big 2-5 on Sunday!)

Anyway, so today I experienced my first ever Stress Echo test! I’m 98% sure nothing is wrong with me, but I wanted to get some symptoms checked out before I end up dropping dead mid-WOD one day…no, thats not funny, I know…but at least I’m getting checked!

So this Stress echo was not enjoyable, first of all, I had a bunch of wires coming from everywhere, I wasn’t allowed to wear a bra (this made the experience 10xs worse) and I had to hold onto the treadmill to keep my arms still (so not allowed to use arms to move myself forward….it got hard real quick!)

I made it to the 5th level (out of 7) good news, the PA that ran the test was a CrossFitter at another local box! Yay! I’ll find out how my heart looked later this week, fingers crossed that everything is good to go!

In more interesting news, I made ice cream with my new ice cream maker! yippee! It was coconut milk!

double chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirl

20130112_140543 20130112_184406-1


I did a lot of cooking, as usual!

20130112_213831Steak and sweet potato, kale, brussel sprout hash? (for the BF who had to work 12 hour night shifts…boooo)

Saturday I actually took a rest day! ALL DAY! Matt coached glass that morning…there are few things I enjoy more than watching a group of adults enjoy play freeze tag and simon says (with burpees penalties of course!)

Sundays WODs:
12 Min Cap
100 double unders
63 hand release push ups
36 front squats (95/65)
50 double unders
42 push ups
24 front squats
25 double unders
21 push ups
front squats til time
…I finished at the 24 front squat mark…not too bad. Those pushups SUCKED!

12min Cap
5 Rounds
5 shoot thrus on parellettes
10 lateral burpees
20 dips
…I finished4 rounds plus 5 shoot thrus

My upper body is shot! Though, it could have been all of the pull-ups I did…oh wait, that was my dream again! I keep having pull-up dreams, can you tell what I’m focused on?


2 Responses to “I scream, Ice Cream!”

  1. Melissa Love January 16, 2013 at 3:15 am #

    That ice cream looks AMAZING!! Happy early birthday to ya 🙂 keep me posted on the test – always better to be safe then sorry!!! Ps that WOD is from the Main Street set 🙂

    • kfb2beastmode January 16, 2013 at 3:57 pm #

      Thanks!!! and ha! YES IT IS! I was wondering if you’d catch it!!

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