Can’t Stop!

10 Jan


I’m in a strange mood today…I’ve been told (strictly) to stop working out twice in the past like 12 hours. I’ll explain that more in a future post. Either way, I DO need to take my rest days, but with 4 competitions and a marathon in the next 5 months, I don’t want to stop!!

Here is my competition schedule. Anyone else competing in any of these?

February 2nd– “Hail to the Queen“,  CrossFit LIC (Long Island City, NY)


This competition is for WOMEN ONLY and has RX and scaled divisions. It’s advertised as a good competition for first-time competitors!

February 9th- CrossFit Love at my home box, CrossFit Beyond in Albany, NY!

February 16th– “Winter Throwdown” at CrossFit Triton (Wallingford, CT)


This is a same-sex partner competition. I signed up with a girl from my box and Matt signed up with my partner’s BF! (so cute, huh?)

April 27th– “It Takes Two to Tussle” at CrossFit Nashua (Nashua, NH)


This is a co-ed partner competition. There is RX and Scaled, Matt and I are going in RX!

May 5th– Pittsburgh Marathon (yes…all 26.freakin’ 2 miles) Ok this isn’t a competition, but it’s still something that requires training! This has kinda become a tradition for my Pittsburgh friends and it gives me a reason to visit home 🙂 I’ve run 2 Pittsburgh half marathons….but I’ve never wanted to run a full. Actually, I still don’t want to. But my friend Nick insists that my athletic achievements will not be complete without a marathon finish. Urgh.

PrintIf nothing else, all of this will give me a reason to push myself….I mean, look at me! Last month I could barely get through a pull-up intensive WOD and this month I’m kipping 3 in a row!

Finally, I am still looking for better diet options. I found while playing volleyball this past weekend (also during my last CrossFit competition) that by the end of the day, I NEED “fast-carbs” aka- sugar, starch, etc. Anything to just give me instant energy! Other than a banana or a sweet potato, what could I eat here? I might try out eating something like Ezekiel Bread with nut butter or something else thats considered “clean eating”. I just know that meat and veggies alone during these long days are not cutting it for me.

I’ve basically switched my diet into “clean eating” and a little less strict paleo (my brother should be happy about that, haha). My diet is basically avoid sugar and gluten as much as possible and eat lots of protein and good fats. It’s so much less stressful FOR ME and I still feel good.

I ended up writing a lot more than I thought I would! Thanks for listening! ❤

Joke of the day: Why do the French only use 1 egg in their omelettes?

….cause 1 egg is un oeuf! hahahahahahah I CRACK myself up!



2 Responses to “Can’t Stop!”

  1. grizzlystrong January 10, 2013 at 2:29 pm #

    I’ve been reading a lot lately about carbs…specifically those directed at athletes…it’s not the most paleo solution but I would look into a maltodextrin or waxy maize powder for between competition WOD’s. They offer the most control without telling you to eat like a donut or something. They are most efficiently absorbed and directed toward depleted glycogen. If you must eat something, simple starches like rice, really ripe bananas, sweet potatoes are most effectively converted directly to glucose. I’m still playing with Paleo but after reading some Chris Kresser articles there seems to be strong evidence for gluten-free, HFCS-free, and seed oil free diets but less convincing evidence for things like dairy and non-gluten grains, nightshades and legumes. I strongly recommend reading – sorry for the long comment! +1 for egg puns in French!

  2. M. Love January 10, 2013 at 3:12 pm #

    A – I am going to check out the article from the above comment too! B – with my running/TRI training, Paleo has been hard for me too — I try and do mostly paleo, but on heavy training days I add a little more – rice cakes w/PB & J, etc – I try and stay pretty “clean” but get more into my body. I’ve got to look into that comp in Queens!

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