Pet Peeves and Puns

4 Jan

I did something unlike typical “Karli”….

Yoga! and then volleyball! instead of CrossFit?! Monday night (yes, New Year’s Eve) I got real hot and sweaty in a hot yoga class instead of doing the CrossFit Total at my box (I just did it in October and knew that I hadn’t made any significant increases, so it was just silly to try again!) Not only did I do yoga, but I did HOT yoga where the room is like 800 degrees and you sweat just laying there. I slipped more than once and fell ungracefully onto my mat, but I will admit that I felt good after it! I plan to do more yoga…maybe twice a month?

Last year, I played volleyball 5 times a week at least! This year…not so much. I love CrossFit and I know I’m supposed to do CrossFit to get better at sports and all that jazz….but I like lifting weights more than diving and spiking balls! Anyway, I’m still pretty good at it…which is good because I am subbing for a team in a tournament tomorrow!

Unfortunately last night was competitors class and I can’t move…
100 DUs for time (1:37 for me! Not my best…but I’m getting better!)
4 min partner rope climb AMRAP
My partner and I got 16 climbs…would have been 15, but I slipped going up with 10 seconds left 😦

WOD: Nasty Girls
50 air squats
7 muscle ups (sub 3 pull-ups/3 dips per rep!)
10 hang cleans (155/105) I think I did 105? or 110? either way it was heavy and I have pretty bruises on my thigh!

Finished in 19:34.

When you cheer me on during a WOD, NEVER EVER EVER (cue Taylor Swift…) EVER ask me how many reps I have left. I do not count my reps backward, so unless I only have 1 or 2 left, I can’t do that math while I’m stuggling to focus on the workout…then I lose count! (potentially lose my grip and you end up with 110# flying at your face!) Seriously…ask what number I’m on, then YOU do the math! K, thanks for listening.

Have I told you all how much I LOVE puns? This one made me mad because octopi have 8 tentacles…so when I tell people this joke, I say squid 🙂



Then there’s this:

I hate one direction fans!!!

…I need the whole room cooled and it only blows one way. bahahahaha



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