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I’m starting Whole30!

31 Jan


I decided last month that I wanted to do Whole30 (Kelly blogged about it here and got me interested!) BUT January was birthday month and I don’t care if you judge me, I wanted wine and real cake and ice cream and anything else I could shove in my mouth that wasn’t Whole9 approved.

So I decided February 1st was the day. My hormones have been a little out of whack lately. I feel anxious and grumpy….my face breaks out…meh. PLUS I want to be feeling great for the Open! (Which I registered for today!!) I’m not concerned about weight loss because I am actually trying to gain muscle right now, so scale weights don’t mean a lot to me! Getting leaner though will only lep everything though!

So this all leads me to this decision. Cut out the crap and get back on track. Tonight I will take before pictures and buy some groceries in preparation.

Wish me luck!


Lulu Day!!!

30 Jan

Frist of all I have no idea why I am posting again when I said I didn’t plan to….but whatever! I want to talk and you obviously enjoy listening 🙂

Have you been to the site “Words with Lisbeth“? Its a good one…funny 🙂 Today her post was “Can you show too much skin at the gym?” And I think this is funny because today was the first day since mid summer that I actually ripped of my shirt mid WOD. I typically wear only tank tops, and had I worn a tank top today, I would have probably been able to handle it….but my body is not in the mood to deal with these temperature changes and mid box jump I said “holy heck its unbearably hot and I feel confined in this shirt” …h well, yay me for being comfortable enough to bench, box jump, and clean in a sports bra.

Last night I ran 2 miles. Have I mentioned that my nickname is Blue?

According to Dan, it’s not ok that I am only now becoming obsessed with this song…but every time it plays, I dance like a crazy person. Unfortunately for Matt, he walked into the house last night mid-one woman dance party and experienced the nonsense first hand. Anywho…here is my new workout jam. I can basically lift a zillion lbs if this is on.

This one is also fantastic

Finally- My lululemon pants are coming in the mail today 🙂 My first ever pair of real, booty beautifying, perfect fitting lulus. I’m so excited! up 

(if they do not live up to my expectations, I may hurt someone)

I Hate Running

29 Jan

I don’t really post consistently anymore…is that ok? Follow me on twitter, it’s like the same is this only instant! and more random!

In case you’re wondering, I’m not just being a lazy bum! Currently I am devoting my attention to:
-Renewing my personal trainer cert
-studying my olympic lifting book
-working harder at CrossFit because 1)I’m competing like every week and 2)the Open is coming soon!
-Girlnetic!!! ( go there, read my posts about vitamins, or check out the super fantastic fitness expo we are putting on in March…time consuming, people!)

Speaking of competitions, a girl from my box and I as well as Matt and the girl’s BF are pairing up for a same-sex partner competition in February. (We are 2 of the 3 “power couples”… yeah, Matt and I refer to the dating couples that are competitors, like us, as power couples….and we have 3 in our box!) This will definitely be a hard comp, we practiced one of the WODs last night:

80 DUs
70 burpees
60 KB swings (55/45)
50 wall balls (20,14)
40 power snatch (135/95)
30 toes to bar,
20 box jumps (30/24,
10 sumo high pulls with barbell (135/95)

We finished it in 18:17 and Matt and his partner finished in 14:49
We struggled mostly with the snatches. This is very near my max and I would hope to be able to do half! I was still sore from the competition this past Saturday, so that didn’t help….but if I don’t really work on snatches this next month, my partner is going to have to pick up my slack! Good news, I did 65 DUs in a row! Then I thought to myself “OMG you just did 65 DUs!” and I tripped…also, my hair falls out of my pony tail when I DU. Ugh, the troubles of being a girl.

BTW, I’m going running when I get off work. I forgot my running shoes…I think on purpose. I hate running. My friend is forcing me to train for my marathon. FML.

Main Street Pride

28 Jan

This weekend I competed in my FIRST RX women’s competition in Freehold, NJ. It was a Garage Games hosted event and OMG it was messy. It was definitely overcrowded, there was no room to warm up and it was so cold that not warming prior to competing was awful. I couldn’t feel my toes and by 6pm when there was still an hour and a half before my next WOD, I was shaking so much I decided to opt out. My last WOD was Pulling Fran (pull-ups and deadlifts) and the ride home was 3+ hours so I just saw no reason to stay!

Truthfully, anyone complaining about the cold weather doesn’t understand CrossFit (be ready for anything!) but the lack of space and amount of competitors (500!) made it miserable. Not to mention the mud everywhere and the port-o-johns that were nasty and toilet paperless….(seriously, being a girl sucks) Do you know how difficult it is to do double unders when you have to pee? It awful.

I actually went next door and purchased chinese food just so I could use a real toilet.

There were approximately 74 RX women and my approximate finish was 33 ish. Somehow all of my scores were entered into the scaled division so it looks like I did awful because my scores are being compared to women doing half the weight and knee push-ups, etc (I’m a bit bitter haha) I just wanted to be able to legitimately say “This is how I did in my first RX comp!”

The WODs:

1: Stone Face (5 min time cap)
Push Press & KB Swing (75# & 55#)
1-1, 2-2, 3-3…
2:Doubles to Heaven
100 DUs, 63 push-ups, 36 front squats (75#)
50 DUs, 42 pus, 24 fs
25 DUs, 21 pus, fs til 10 min is up
3:PVC mania
5rds (12 min time cap)
5 shoot thrus (dip, shoot thru, push up=1)
10 lateral over the parallette burpees
20 dips
4:Pulling Fran
21-15-9, pull-ups, deadlifts (165#)

20130126_093608I tripped and fell into this lovely lady! My twitter friend and fellow blogger, Melissa! Check out her blog!

IMG_20130127_204839PVC Mania

20130126_161815Don’t judge me for my outfit not matching!

It’s go time!

24 Jan

Hey everybody!

This week has been sucky in terms of CrossFit! Monday I did PR 3RM thruster, but I felt like I could have done more. I stopped at 115lbs because my shoulder “clicked” and I AM COMPETING IN MY FIRST RX COMPETITION THIS WEEKEND! So no injuries…k?

Then Tuesday happened. Tuesday was “Bradshaw”
10 rds:
3 HSPUs (1 mat)
6 Deadlifts (165lbs)
12 pull-ups (I used the skinniest band!)
24 DUs

I finished in 27:30 ish minutes (I say 30ish because I looked up at my time and then immediately my attention went to my hands…which were bleeding and suddenly screaming in pain. Hmm, funny how I didn’t feel a thing during the WOD!) Definitely NOT what I need for Saturday!!!!

IMG_20130124_100609Here’s how it’s looking today! Its almost healed!!!!

Wednesday was rest day…today at 6am class I spent the hour doing mobility and stretching. Tomorrow will be another rest day and stretch day! Then go time!

My first WOD is at 8:58am and I am #549…I’m actually really excited to have to write my number on my body hah…Total BAMF feeling!

In other news…

Panera has a hidden menu with bread-free options! Google it. Here is my egg white power breakfast bowl with roasted turkey.


It’s cold outside and I have alpaca mittens. I often tell people “Alpaca my mittens…” because I’m hilarious. 🙂IMG_20130122_081202

Have a good weekend and Monday I’ll recap how awful I did on Saturday 🙂 (Did I mention I have to do 8 zillion pushups…and fran?)


Visual Recap!

21 Jan

I’m back! …back to blogging, back from my mini vaca, back to regular CrossFitting and all that…

I was away for a long weekend in the Poconos with Matt. Here is a visual recap!



Snow tubing!

20130117_185908Delicious scallops and risotto (my obsession)

IMG951887WOD @ CrossFit Scranton. Met some AMAZING people there and hope to see them again! They even came out to breakfast with us! Love the CrossFit Community!

IMG951430Saturday night was fancy shmancy dinner night! …I set my purse on the floor and a man rushed to it and slid a pedestal under it before I could blink. Ridiculously awesome.

IMG951437 20130119_173843-1New dress and shoes (can’t see!) 

IMG951427Dinner!20130119_192513My cake and ice cream 🙂
20130120_091015Pomegranate Mimosa birthday morning!
20130120_190026My 3 in cheesecake with 25 candles!!!!

In other news, I did a 5 minute “Cindy” without a band (AMRAP 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats)

I squat cleaned 145# and felt great!

I am signed up RX for the Garage Games in Freehold, NJ….this Saturday. hahah! plenty of time to prep, right?!

I’m Overweight

15 Jan


Ok, so last week I read about this: Best Diets in the U.S.

I asked on twitter “Who are these experts?” Well, I have done some research and these diets are scored not necessarily on the BEST diet for your health, but actually the diet that best meets the FDA’s suggestions. The FDA tells us to decrease fat (which is needed to survive and has been proven to decrease wait) and cut calories (which are necessary for survival), oh and you should base your diet off of BMI! WHY ARE WE STILL USING BMI?! This is something else I would like to know more about. Why are we using it and what is the argument for its validity? Because I’m overweight according to it….I know that I have a few extra pounds I could spare, but if you were to even do a waist to hip ratio you would see that I’m in the safe zone. IMO that simple measurement would be 10xs more accurate on assessing health.

Ok, back to diet…so I am not saying that there is necessarily one diet that is the best (and I’ve said this before that I am not advocating any one diet anymore!) What I am saying is that I think the focus needs to shift, rather than saying cut the fat and calories, we need to push people to eat nutrient dense REAL foods! This will not only bring more business to the farms but will also make EVERYONE healthier! YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT AND BE HEALTHIER IF YOU EAT REAL FOODS….PERIOD. low-fat, low-calorie, processed garbage is making you sick. Stop relying on it.

That is all.

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