All I want for Christmas…

17 Dec

I did lots of CrossFitting this weekend. Over 2 hours on both Saturday and Sunday… I did a 225# deadlift in a WOD, I kipped with a band and holy moley was it SO MUCH EASIER than going strict! Next stop no band! (Ok, lies…next stop skinniest band, THEN NO BAND!)  I also baked paleo snickerdoodles and pumpkin muffins…and normal people gluten-ful, brown butter perfect chocolate chip cookies.


Also, this has started to scare me…last week at the competition, everyone was screaming at me to breathe mid-WOD becasue I guess I was blue? This happens often, and has happened since I was playing volleyball in college. I don’t get dizzy, and of course I’m short of breath, I’m bustin my a$$, but I don’t feel like it’s any worse than anyone else….What’s wrong with me?! Can I just tell everyone to lay off, haha?!

Anyway, what do I want for Christmas?

1) To be able to do pull-ups (big surprise, right?)

2) a few lift PRs: Snatch (115#), Clean (165#), Squat (Break 200#!!)

3) Protein that won’t make me vomit or to be hungry enough to want to devour manly sized portions of meat post workout.

4) a six-pack…abs, not beer!

5) another competition to appear before the CrossFit Open starts

6) Tickets to Disney World and Harry Potter’s Wizarding World

7) Endurance to run a marathon

8) Oly shoes. I think they are crazy awesome and will help. It’s like legal cheating.

9) Less sensitive hands!

10) A lifetime supply of bacon and coconut butter.

Sounds easy enough? Ok so it’s kinda more a goal list (plus a few “things”), but if you have magical powers and can grant me these wishes (or want to train me to be able to do all of this, that would work!)

Want to feel a little better about the world?…check this out. Happy tears.

Lastly, rowing sucks when you’re busy! I am falling behind, but still determined to complete the 100k challenge! 64k right now! LOTS TO GO!!!! (guess where I will be Christmas eve? yep…in the box row, row, rowing.)


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