Stay Humble, My Friends

11 Dec

I forgot to tell you people the part of this weekend that I’m NOT so proud of! Okay, that’s a lie, I will proudly announce that I ate some wonderful things post competition!

Since I was a bum and barely eat during the competition, I was STARVING when we left the box. Matt and I stopped at Five Guys for some bun-less burgers….and for the first time, got FRIES! Holy smokes were they delicious. I didn’t regret eating them one bit. We both got bacon burgers, and Matt also got a little bacon burger…more meat!20121208_182350

Then we ate a gingerbread oreo (or 2! but thats all…I didn’t want to make myself sick!)

Sunday morning, after sleeping in until 8:20 (thats really late for people who typically wake up at 4:30AM!) we met up with some of the CrossFit family for brunch! I had my first taste of Chicken and Waffles…it sounded disgusting, but it was so friggin goood! With lots of water, a mimosa, and a few cups of coffee I was set for the day! (Oh and of course a huge plate of brussel sprouts! They are one of the reasons Matt and I go to this place for brunch so much!)



20121209_113241Did I mention, we wore or Christmas outfits?

481626_611329515003_1413025195_nIt was a pretty fantastic weekend all around!

Oh, and I signed up for my next competition! January 26th in Freehold, New Jersey…. Main Street Pride part of the Garage Games series! I know I said I wouldn’t do scald again, but this competition offers novice, scaled, and RX, so I I’m thinking scaled is where I’m at. Hey, I’m 8 months into CrossFit, I’ve got time to get better. I just don’t want to be last because I’m not able to do things yet…. ie: pull-ups, hspus w/ full ROM…I got double unders, but I’m not GREAT.

This competition will give me the drive to get better at these things and to stay on track with my improvements and eating. It is part of my training, not the reason I’m training (thank you coach for that wisdom)

Stay humble but keep pushing yourself!




2 Responses to “Stay Humble, My Friends”

  1. grizzlystrong December 11, 2012 at 4:07 pm #

    Well done Karli! Sounds like an inspiring weekend. Goals and Deadlines are the secret to success – glad to see you getting after it!

  2. kimmiepcft December 11, 2012 at 4:45 pm #

    Congrats on your comepetition! I used to live in Freehold, and am just up the road (well, about 30 minutes lol) from there now!

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