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Friday Workout Recap!

30 Nov

How has your week been? Anyone PR?!

Monday– Rest Day!

5 – 2min stations (2 rounds)
2 min rest in-between rounds-(not stations)
Muscle Ups/Ring Pull ups/Pull ups
Handstand Push ups/wall walk ups
Dumb Bell Thrusters 45/35/25/15
Ring Dips/Bar Dips/Box Dips

(I bolded what I used) and I got 144 reps! I was pretty pumped about this 🙂

6 min max clean and jerk 135/105/95/65/35
rest 2 minutes
6 min row for distance
rest 2 minutes
6 min AMRAP 15 GHD situps, 15 back ext.

I got 33 c&js, 1400ms, and 5 rounds!

I rowed 5000m
Back Squat 135
Deadlift 165
Box jumps 24inch

I made it to my 8s round and went to do back squats and my back said “I hate you” and I kinda fell down. BIG DNF right there.

Then I yelled to BF Matt that I was ok so he could refocus his attention to the WOD, took some ibuprofen, grabbed an ice pack and sulked in the corner for the rest of the class. BUT, competition is coming up and I won’t get any stronger before then! Might as well work on mobility and technique a bit and heal my sore body!

I was a good girl…sorta.
Rowed 10,000m
and did a 1000m sprint for time! BF Matt and GrizzlyStrong‘s Dan also did the 1k test. I finished in 3:45 (ranked 6th on the Concept 2 website!) The men killed my time of course (I hear its all that facial hair they have that makes them speedy) 3:14 and 3:07 respectively. We will retest around Christmas and see how we’ve improved!

This weekend’s WOD is “Load and unload that apartment for time” With box lifts and stair climbs! Luckily, Matt and I have an amazing CrossFit family to help out!!! ❤

#100kholidayrow total: 41,400 meters


Almost Quarter Life Crisis

28 Nov

This post will be short. I am pretty sure I’m having my quarter-life crisis right now. (Which makes sense, as I am turning a quarter of a century old in 54 days and I plan to live to be 100)

The details of my anxiety are ridiculous, but I’ll tell you right now that the fact that my hair is highlighted periwinkle purple instead of deep wine is a small factor in today’s stream of tears.

Next weekend is the Christmas Throwdown competition in Connecticut…(anyone else going??) I am signed up for scaled because I suck at pullups….well the WODs were posted today and there is no scaling to pullups, but all of the scaled workouts are such low weights for me that I will feel like an idiot killing these WODs (.75 POOD KB?! a clean ladder starting at 55#? Umm…I’m not bragging because I am FAR from being some elite CrossFit athlete, but its not fair for me to be in that division…its like cheating)

Check out the WODs here:

Ok, I’m going back into super heated office/cave to sulk and sneak chocolate chips and try not to send everyone into panic with my swollen red face and bloodshot eyes…No, no one died, yes I will be ok…now get out of my office.

Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

27 Nov

I will admit that my sugar consumption has increased exponentially in relation to the amount of stress in my life (so what started out as licking spoons of peanut butter, has turned into nibbling cookies and bite of pumpkin pie)…which causes more stress cause I’m going to get sick/sluggish/fat and I have a competition in a week and a half…so more stress! My roommate (who knows surprisingly well what I do and do not eat) has caught me licking spoonfuls of Cool Whip, PEANUT butter, and dark chocolate chips…oh and then there was that really big glass of wine I had on Sunday and she just laughs at me and tells me shes not judging me!… anyway, next week should be less stressful once I move into my new apt…until then, I hope I run out of Cool Whip.

(if you read WHIP like Stewie Griffin, kudos!)

3,000 more today!

On Tuesdays we wear purple. (seriously)

I’m so excited! We have about 10 athletes that are doing the challenge through Concept2 and a whole bunch more just doing it on their own! My coach has been adding rowing into the warm-ups everyday to keep people involved 🙂

Look what finally arrived from Mr Grizzly Strong, Dan!!! Thanks! He suggested mixing it with cocoa….I’m thinking this will take the place of my cool whip addiction! (I mean…at least its good fat and has health benefits?)

#100kholidayrow total to date: 22,000 meters and I’m a slow rower, like 2:10/500m average on these long rows so you do the math!


Row, Row, Row Your Boat

26 Nov

I’ve been working hard at the #100kholidayrow challenge! My biggest gripe is I get bored…If I get some good music, or row while others are WOD-ing I can at least watch and cheer them on. On Staurday, I completed 6k, 3 mixed into a WOD (thats legal right?) and then 3 after the WOD. Then I was hungry so I went home and ate everything (Everything= 4 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, 1/2 banana w/ almond butter, left over paleo cinnamon roll.) I don’t normally eat this much for one meal….but lately I’ve been crazy hungry again! I blame rowing and extra calories being burnt on top of my normal WOD calories burnt.

Matt coached Saturday and I helped…it started snowing and the WOD included running AND pull-ups (ie: cold hands and colder pull-up bars) The athletes rocked it 🙂 so proud of the weekend crew!

I PR’d my snatch Sunday morning! My form is so awful…I am struggling with a sore back and hips still and no, I’m not really doing anything about it. I feel too stiff to really explode my hips and drop to get heavier weights up…ahh but FYI, this is 50lbs more than I did in May. Baby steps Karli…baby steps.

I finally got to see Christmas lights in the park! Yay!!! This is randomly placed…My b.


Yay! That is all…today was rest day, so my workout/CrossFit material was weak…sorry! ❤




100k Holiday Row Challenge

23 Nov

Hey Everyone!

I’m so excited that people are showing interest in this challenge! If you are really serious about it and want to do something awesome for the holidays, check out the Holiday Challenge on Concept 2‘s website! Their challenge is from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, and if you log your meters and get 100k they ill donate money to 1 of the 4 charities listed! (I really think you should do it!)

If you need more time, Check out Primal Kitchen and Grizzly Strong (as well as some others!) who are doing the challenge on their own with the goal set at New Years! Follow the happenings by using and searching #100kholidayrow on twitter!

At CrossFit Beyond (my local box) we are ALSO adding a “fee” to participate. Everyone that participates (whether online or just by keeping score in-house) must bring an item to donate to a holiday care package we are sending to troops through!

Are you up for the challenge?! Need a little competition or drive to keep you from gaining all that holiday weight?! Join in!!!!

Gobble Gobble

23 Nov

I got a new phone! I think my think my parents felt bad for me not being able to come home so they spoiled me a bit. I am the proud owner of a very fragile looking Samsung Galaxy SIII. Also, I now have some money to finally get my hair trimmed/dyed before I go home next month. (no more rag-a-muffin look!…yeah, thats what my mom would call me)

Anywho, yesterday Matt and I woke up at 6:30am picked a WOD and headed to the box, then when we got there, I had a minor panic attack over how I was going to cook everything in 1 oven. So we left without working out and I got to making Thanksgiving Brunch!

Paleo Cinnamon Rolls

Ready to bake!

Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates for an app!

I can’t be trusted with sharp objects

ham, cauliflower, sweet mash, regular mash!

No Paleo here!!!

Post dinner Row #100kholidayrow

DInner! Eggs and Udi’s Gluten Free Cinnamon Toast…Mmm

This little note was on my door Wednesday night…which means that TODAY I should get my coconut butter from Dan @ GrizzlyStrong! woo hoo!

Today, I did “Hansen” at the 6am class:
5 Rounds, 30 each
KB swings (45#)
GHD Sit-ups

Finished: 29:35

After this week of heavy kettlebelling, my coach told me I’m never allowed to use a 35# KB again…I love that I’m getting better, but gosh it hurts!

For your viewing pleasure 🙂

Keep after it and talk to ya’ll next week!

Almond Flour Cinnamon Rolls
Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates

Wait, What day is it?

21 Nov

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! That means I get to eat yummy food tomorrow! Turkey? No…This will be the 2nd year in a row that I don’t eat turkey! Last year I couldn’t go home for Thanksgiving, and I didn’t really have any close friends yet, so I roasted myself a chicken! Which somehow ended up upside down?

I think it looks like its in child’s pose…don’t you?

Last years Thanksgiving feast for 1!

This year, I will not be able to go home again 😦 but, I have Matt for part of the day at least! He is a nurse so he of course has to work, but not until 3 so we are having Thanksgiving brunch. We spent over $300 at our grocery store and got a free turkey or ham….we went with the ham because it’s more brunch friendly!

I’m not sure what all we will have tomorrow, but it will be about 3/4 paleo friendly 1/4 delicious sugar mc-happiness. Of course we will start off the morning with a Thanksgiving special workout as well as a nice long row for the 100k holiday row challenge followed by watching the parade and waiting for Sanata to show up! (SANTAAAAAA! I know him!!!…oh and I’ll probably watch that movie again) Any suggestions for a Thanksgiving WOD??

Now for today’s workout brag time!

5×3 Front squats @ 135lbs (heavy, but not bad…finally getting my front squat weight up)

3 rounds
with kettlebell (55/45/35/25)
10 goblet squats
10 KB swings
10 KB cleans (each arm)
10 KB presses (each arm)
…this was fun for me…well, it sucked and I finished last, but I finally manned up (womanned up?) and grabbed the 45# KB before the guys took it and left them with 35 pounders! Yep, that’s right, I did this WOD with more weight than some of the guys. BUT like I said, I finished last, or maybe close to last, I was neck and neck with the guy that took 2 pood.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a great holiday! If you’re working, I’m sorry 😦 try to enjoy it! ❤

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