10 Oct

It’s Wednesday!

I’m sorry I ate all the cookies last night and didn’t post a picture….so I made more! (I guess I’ll just have to eat these too!)

Om nom nom…
I have a really bad habit of unnecessarily multi-tasking. Last night, I did laundry, baked donuts, cooked chicken, and made soup and dumpling for dinner. All in 2 hours time. 
Bade news, my arms have only gotten worse. I attempted to do negatives on the pull-up bar today to just work on my strength….well I couldn’t even hold myself up on the bar. 
This of course led  to me crying because the WOD today was “Helen”
400m run
21 kettlebell swings
12 pull-ups
Basically, impossible for me. Luckily, Joy came to the rescue and assured me, it’s ok I just need to let my arms heal and until then I can do lower body workouts.
400m run
21 air squats
12 GHD back extensions 
Then the after party was 100 situps
I did mine on the GHD machine and finished in 4:46 I think? I can’t remember, but I hit 75 at 3:02!
After the workout, I rushed home, couldn’t find a parking spot by my apartment, and ended up not having time to make breakfast….so I ate 3 pieces of bacon, a banana, and one of these yummy (paleo!) donuts!!
 There is a 33.4% chance that I accidentally put ground mustard instead of nutmeg in these donuts….haven’t figured it out yet. Either way, they taste pretty delicious.
The recipe for these little noms can be found on A Sweet Simple Life.
Ok, time to hit the books! I have my CrossFit Level 1 coaches certification this weekend in Canton, MA! eeeek! I’m nervous! It’s only cost $1000…no big deal, right?
It’s hump day people! DO something active to keep yourself motivated though the next 2 and a half days!!!!

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