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Halloween Playlist

30 Oct

I love holidays and even though I am already listening to Christmas music, I do realize we haven’t finished celebrating Halloween, yet. I am in the process of perfecting a playlist for CrossFit tomorrow. (Yes, I will be dressed up in some kind of costume…to be determined tonight) This is the playlist so far! Unfortunately, the one song I really want is not on Spotify, but YouTube came to the rescue!

By the way, I live in upstate NY and Sandy was supposedly coming right at us…I had electric and even my plant outside on my deck (that typically falls over in a rainstorm) was still standing upright. All good up here!

Yesterday was Overhead Squats, 1 rep max. I PR’d and did 125#!!!! I struggled so much getting the weight overhead with a wide grip…I can push press much more!…anyone have a suggestion for that?

P.S.- I’ve updated my site a bit! Check out product reviews 🙂

Have a good Halloween tomorrow!!



29 Oct

Did you know that Saturday (Oct 27th) was National Pumpkin Day?! Yes, an actual holiday dedicated to pumpkin. I didn’t realize this until late Saturday evening, so I decided to celebrate on Sunday.

 Sunday morning, I made Paleo Pumpkin Bread…then turned that into french toast for Matt and I (#gfoftheyrcontender) with roasted acorn squash and bacon!
Has anyone ever tried Trader Joes Nitrate free ends and pieces bacon? Its thick cut and delicious…Omnomnom.
 Then I gutted and cut my ginormous pumpkin. Sadly, it was too thick to carve with cute designs, so I free-handed it!

Then I roasted the pumpkin seeds with some cinnamon! Mmmm. And that concludes the pumpkin-ful celebration.
Friday night Matt and I dressed up and actually went out for Halloween.
Any guess as to what we were? Cheap…yes, we were extremely cheap. I wear that outfit almost everyday, it’s called going to CrossFit. BUT we taped “Froning” and Thorisdottir” on our backs and threw on some medals and suddenly became the “World’s Fittest Couple”
Saturday morning (killer) Workout:
10 Rounds
10 pull-ups
10 front squats 135#/105#
10 burpees
My back wasn’t doing to well, so I did back squats instead of front squats and only 95#. After we did this, we set up to lead the Saturday morning class, when Joy, the owner dropped in and told us “Oh that weight is way too heavy!”…oh really? Poor Matt made it through the whole thing at 135# though! 
We had a full house and it was a beautiful day! Everyone did really awesome! 
Do you workout on weekends? or use it for a rest? Let me know!

I want Candy!

26 Oct

Yes it is. Finally. I’m excited, Matt and I actually have plans to join the world of after dark partiers this weekend. It is pre-Halloween weekend! We still won’t be getting crazy or anything…but this is a big deal, we won’t be in bed by 10 pm! (well, that is still a possibility because one party does start at 7pm)

Sometimes I fear my life revolves around my workouts too much, but I enjoy it so much that truthfully, I don’t feel like I miss out on things by sleeping instead of going out!

Last night was advanced/competitors class at CrossFit. We did FOUR WODS!
1) 1000m row
2) Lurong Living Paleo Challenge WOD #4
          12min AMRAP
          30 burpee box jumps (24in box)
          30 overhead squats (80#)
          30 toes to bar
         10 muscle-ups or 40 pullups/40 ringdips
         **I completed the first 90 movements in 12 minutes…yeah that was rough.

3) 10! Deadlifts (165#) and pushups
     (10! means 10 reps, then 9, then 8…down to 1 alternating between DLs and pushups)
4)8min AMRAP
  On the minute 3 handstand pushups, then as many front squats as possible at 105#

I’m exhausted. BUT post workout dinner was at Chipotle!

Omnomnomnomnom. I look bald…darn workout hair!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Get crazy, celebrate Halloween, sleep? Just have fun!

BTW tumblr is down….oks like I actually have to work instead of look at pictures of people working out and saying funny things…ugh!

P.S.- Sometimes I can’t think of post titles…so whatever pops in my head gets written. Right now, I want reeses and almond joy…and Andersons (local candy from my hometown). 🙂

Why I Need to Take a New Route to Work

25 Oct

When you fall off track with your Paleo diet and try to WOD…

I love this movie…and I know how he feels. This was me this week after my cheats last weekend!
Ok, back to blogging. I walk to work most days (If it’s raining I might drive just because I’d rather not deal with frizzy hair and soggy cloths…it’s a good 15 minute walk!) This week, twice I dealt with Creepy McCreepsters hitting on me. No, you do NOT NEED to know my name, and I truly don’t care that you don’t bite, I’m going to ignore you. I don’t care if people think I’m rude, I’d rather not get raped on my walk in, thanks. 

So this happens at least once a week, but to add to the fun, I have had 2 black cats cross my path. They come from who know where and completely intersect my path leaving me know choice but to deal with the consequences. (I’m totally not superstitious at all) Today, I had 6 crows flying around me. I think It’s time to change routes.

Ok enough of my mini rant!

I haven’t had time to post any new recipes, but I will tell you about my new favorite breakfast! I don’t have much time to prepare things, so the microwave is my bff. Lately, I’ve been taking 2-3 eggs, beating them together with 1/4 cup of mushed fruit (ie: mushed banana, applesauce, or pumpkin puree), 1 tbsp flax meal, and 2 tbsp shredded coconut, microwave for 2:30, then stir up with a bit of agave. Its like sweet scrambled eggs! So easy and fast and yummy!

I can’t wait to show you guys my Halloween costume(s). I think I have 3…at least. One is for this Friday night for a party in a local park, one is for wearing to CrossFit, and one is for Wednesday trivia night!

Yetserday’s workout was a fun one. We worked in partners to complete 7 rounds (each) of 250m row, 7 toes 2 bar, and 7 sumo deadlift high pulls. I kept my rowing times under 1:55/500m (so I finished the 250m in under a min!)

My battle wound proving I actually kept the bar against my body! yay for proper form and cold weather to cover it!

Finally, check this out…

It’s GINORMOUS! It should last me forever. My mumma sent it to me. Good thing, I was low on coconut oil and funds 🙂

Mr. Amazing

23 Oct

This post is a slightly gushy post dedicated to my bf. FYI-Today is our 4 month anniversary, now before you roll your eyes at me, I’ll tell you this is the LONGEST relationship I’ve ever been in, so it’s kind of a big deal for me!

Anyway, I’ve found that its much easier for me to accomplish my goals and be happy when I have someone cheering me on everyday. I know everyone says you need to be able to make yourself happy, and you shouldn’t depend on others…but I don’t depend on him, he just makes things better! (I’m pretty sure that’s what being in a relationship is all about?)

Here is Matt’s video from Barbells for Boobs 
(he was applauded for wearing MY pink bra…everyone loved it!)
He’s so goofy and it’s great.


Yesterday’s workout was deadlift max…I sucked because I changed up my form. I’m going to video this and see if I can make it better! 
Today: “Kelly”
5 rounds
500m run
30 box jumps
30 wall-balls
–I finished in 32:37…It was hard! This was the first time I used a 24in box jump (I have been told it’s time to be challenged!) and I used a 14# wall-ball.
It’s Tuesday! Don’t stop now 🙂

Barbells for Boobs and More!

22 Oct

This could have been the first weekend in a long time that I actually spent time laying around. Another great weekend has come to a close.

Friday night at CrossFit, we had a good sized group for once! (more than 4 on a Friday night is a lot!) We finished the WOD early and were goofing around when “Dog Days are Over” came on the speakers and me, my trainer Joy and my friend (and fellow vballer) Kate busted out the most obnoxious and crazy dance moves we could. This was our jam. If I can get the pictures, I will post them. 
Side note- Earlier this day, I was in a bit of an Eeyore mood (most likely from the rain and gloomy weather and lack of boyfriend time due to his new schedule). Luckily my fantastic boyfriend caught on and had chocolate peanut butter fudge waiting to greet me after the workout. (no, its not paleo…no, I don’t care) 
THEN, to make this Friday night even better….Matt and I both found out at that we passed our CrossFit Level 1 Trainer cert! I went to bed a happy girl. CrossFit + (Florence and the Machine x dancing) + chocolate=Happy Karli (simple math right there, folks)
Saturday morning was the Barbells for Boobs fundraiser. We did “Grace” 30 clean and jerks, for women the weight was 95# RX. I finished in 3:38!!! and won a prize for being the top female!
Watch me!
Matt raised enough to meet his goal! So he worked out in a pink bra! (more pics and video to come!)
After that, it was BRUNCH TIME! and I figured since I cheated and had some sugar Friday night, I would treat myself to a cheat meal for brunch. OMG. It was one of the best things I think I have ever eaten. I do not normally cheat with gluten (I don’t like how it makes me feel!) but this was worth it. 
 Very Berry French Toast…Before
 and this is what was left after I attacked it…
Sunday was a rest day 🙂 (sorta, I only did some pull-ups and HSPUs) 
Can’t wait to get after it hard again this week!!!!

My Week in Workouts

19 Oct

Workout Recap! This is a typical week for me, with the exception of doubling up Thursday. I haven’t been doubling up much, but I will be more, I have another competition coming up!

6am class: Clean & Jerk Max …I got up to 140# 

6pm with Matt: 10 rounds of 10 perfect air squats and 10 GHD situps…ouch!

Perfomance WOD #3
7 Minute Diane Ladder  (1,1- 2,2- 3,3) Total Reps
    Men’s Rx- 225 lb Deadlift, Hand Stand Push Ups
    Men’s Scaled- 155 lb Deadlift, Hand Release Push Ups
    Women’s Rx- 155 lb Deadlift, Hand Stand Push Ups
    Women’s Scaled- 105 Deadlift, Hand Release Push Ups

-I started RX, then struggled too much with my HSPUs and did hand release push-ups instead (I re-did this workout RX on Thursday!)

WOD #1
2k Row

WOD #2
6 min – 10 Dumbell Snatch 45/35/25/15 (heavy)
on the minute (alternate arms each min)

My hand did not enjoy the dumbell snatching (35#) 😦 I am such a baby when I have to hold rough bars, etc. Still working on conditioning my hands!


6am class: I redid the “Diane Ladder” from Tuesday, this time with HSPUs!!
then “The Master Chief”
Complete as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes: 
3 Power Clean – 155/105/95/65
6 Front Squats 
9 Push Ups
Rest for 1 minute between the 3 minute rounds. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

I got 8 complete rounds in here!

7pm class: (competitors/advanced class)
For time:
25 double unders
25 pushups
25 box jumps
25 air squats
25 lateral jumps over a bar
Alternating back squat/deadlift (decreasing weight, increasing reps on back squats/increasing weight, decreasing reps on deadlifts)
Back Squat       Deadlift
1- 155#           12-135#
3-135#             9-155#
6- 115#            6- 175#
9- 95#              3- 195#
12- 75#            1- 215#
25 pullups and 25 toes 2 bar

I finished in 16:46 🙂 I did use a red band for my pull-ups, and I am paying for not using a thicker one today! Ouch…but it hurts so good!

75 double unders
75 cleans
75 squats
75 sit ups
75 kettle bell swings
375 total reps

This workout is dedicated to one of the girls in the box who is moving to California 😦 She was my favorite person to compete against in class! 

Saturday will be “Grace” for the Barbells for Boobs fundraiser! Then the rest of the day will be spent recovering! I love looking back on all I’ve done this week!

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