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Veggie-ful Paleo Chili

28 Sep

This morning, Matt talked me into doing G.I. Jane at 4:30am. Yeah, thats early.

G.I. Jane is oddly my favorite WOD. 100 burpee pull-ups (yes, thats one move, burpee, into a pull-up). I hate burpees as much as the next person, and I REALLY hate pull-ups. But the “scaling” for this is a sort of jumping pullup. Basically I can pull myself up if my arms are not completely locked out at the bottom. Still very painful, but obviously not a hard. I finished in 10:54 (about a MINUTE before Matt!!! Woop)
*Here’s the proof*

Got my ass kicked this am by my gf  in GI Jane! Great job darling!   !
**He did it on a higher bar!
After yesterday’s killer pull-up WOD, and Tuesday’s pull-up infested WOD, and now G.I. Jane….I feel like my arms might fall off.
The Paleo Chili was good!
As promised, here’s the recipe πŸ™‚

Veggie-ful Paleo Chili 

(pics to come later!!)

  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 yellow onion (chopped)
  • 2 garlic cloves chopped
  • 1 lb lean ground beef (grass-fed if possible!)
  • 1-2 tbsp chili powder (or to taste)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 1/2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 15oz can tomato sauce 
  • 1 medium zucchini, chopped 
  • 3 carrots, sliced (1/2 in slices?)
  • (other veggie suggestions- sweet potato, jicama, squash, peppers…)
  • 1 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup water
1- Heat oil in a large pot, then add onion and garlic. Let cook for about 2 minutes
2- Add beef and cook until it’s no longer pink.
3- Add everything else! Let cook for about an hour and a half on low (make sure you stir occasionally and check the added veggies to make sure they’re soft)
4- Taste, add salt, pepper, chili powder as needed. Then eat!!!
Tastes really good over a coconut flour biscuit! Also, would be good served over spaghetti squash.
Before I sign off for the weekend (it’s Friday people!!!) …
First, I found the most amazing paleo approved dessert topping….I can’t wait to tell you about it next week! (I literally sang “Almost Paradise” as I licked my spoon after making this)
Second, It’s my Daddy’s 50th birthday today!! 
Yep, I made him try CrossFit when he visited me.
I’ll be 25 in a few months, which means I’ll be exactly half his age! Which I realized this morning, means he was 25 when I was born (lots of work going on in my head today) I couldn’t imagine having 2 kids right now. My parents are crazy people πŸ™‚
Last, tomorrow marks 1 week until my first CrossFit competition and Sunday we are doing our CrossFit total! I can’t wait to see how I do!
Happy weekend everyone!

Change is Good

27 Sep

Yep, I totally used to wear RecSpecs!

I hope this isn’t the first time my bf is seeing that picture of me… (I told you I used to be a dork!)

It’s great to be able to look back and see how far we’ve come, whether its major weight-loss (or weight gain!!!), muscle gains, or in my case…Nerd factor.

It’s sad, I was in “gifted” classes and did well in school, but I was hardly a book worm type nerd. Luckily, I realized early that fitness and sports were my true passion!

How do you keep track of your changes?

What steps have you taken any steps to make the changes to become who you want to be?

**Also make sure you follow me by e-mail! Check out my side bar!!! I’m finally figuring out this whole blogger thing πŸ˜‰

Brag Post!

27 Sep

Yesterday was a rest day, but I’m still feeling Tuesday night’s workout! (and then this morning’s workout on top of that!)

I can’t believe I didn’t post more about it, I love bragging about my workouts!
If I haven’t mentioned before, competitor/advanced classes happen twice a week and are harder classes with 2 full WODs. Also, Joy (our the owner and our fabulous coach) trains with us, so we don’t have to go over every movement prior to starting. It’s great!
The first WOD was 100 OHS with 3 pullups ever minute on the minute. I ended up scaling my pullups because I still can’t do more than a row. I love overhead squats though, they might even be a forte. The best part about them is the are a great full bod workout! So much core engagement! Who needs sit ups when you can do OHS?!
Then, the 2nd WOD was a 10 minute AMRAP of 5 heavy deadlifts and 10 toes to bar. I did much better at this WOD.


This morning’s WOD was evil. Just plain evil. I thought I had done enough pull-ups Tuesday night. Joy thought otherwise.
Alternating between Thrusters and Pullups we did
3, 6, 9, 12,15, 18, 21 (each round we are increasing reps by 3 thursters)
21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 (decreasing each round by 3 pullups)

I actually felt stronger today. I used a red band for my pull-ups, but I didn’t cry or pout or anything. I just did a few, rested, did a few more. Its a slow process, but considering in 24 years of life I was never able to lift my body weight up to a bar, and now I can at least one….I’d say I’m making progress!

Oh and hey, check out this website! Scroll down a bit….see the guy doing snatches? That’s my bf πŸ™‚ Aren’t I a great gf for sending that in? *pats self on back*

I made paleo chili last night. I’m going to taste it today and if it’s good, I’ll tell you about it!
Until tomorrow….enjoy these adorable kiddos!

I think I used to look something like this
Flashback!!! See? I told ya I was a Blackbelt!
I’m the taller one, the other girl was a family friend πŸ™‚

Almond Butter Pumpkin Brownies

26 Sep

It’s Wednesday, and Rest Day! I haven’t taken a full rest day in over a week! I guess you could consider Saturday a rest day, I only ran a 5k, but normal people don’t consider running 3 miles a “rest”.

First, I want to tell everyone that last week, I registered for my first ever CrossFit Competition! I real one! with judges that you have to pay to participate in! It’s a team competition, and my team is going in “Scaled” (aka not doing the heaviest weights, etc), but it’s real! I am COMPETING!

Isn’t this what I said I wanted when I first started writing this blog?

I have no doubt that we will do well, but we are going into it with hopes of just keeping up. This is for fun…an experience! Anyway, the competition is October 6th at Albany CrossFit. Hopefully, my hands heal before then and my body stops feeling like a train wreck πŸ™‚ anyone want to pay for me to get a massage? No? meh…at least I tried.

I’m a big baby. I hate rips. This is nothing compared to some people’s!
This morning, someone woke me up at 530am even though I wasn’t going to CrossFit. So what else would I do with the extra hour I had before I had to get read for work?…BAKE!
These are awesome! and work for the Paleo challenge!! 
Also, easy to make for the baking challenged
Almond Butter Pumpkin Brownies
adapted from

1 cup almond butter
ΒΎ cup pureed pumpkin (or squash)
1 egg
2 Tbsp Agave
1 tsp baking soda

Mix all ingredients together and pour into a greased 8 x 8 in pan.  Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Sprinkle top with cinnamon. Serves 8. (If you are doing the challenge, either don’t add agave, or make as written, cut into 8 equal pieces and only eat 2 at most in 1 day!!!…You are only allowed 1 tsp of agave a day)

Options: This recipe is easily adaptable! I’m thinking about adding unsweetened cocoa next! Other options, raisins, coconut flakes, pumpkin pie spice…if you aren’t doing this challenge, add 1/4 of honey or maple syrup, or add chocolate chips! Very versatile recipe here!!!

Date night and Appetites!

25 Sep

This past Friday, Matt and I had to go to CrossFit in the evening because of our schedule and I didn’t have a car. It’s rare for us to go in the evening, especially on a Friday, but we had to get in the last “Benchmark WOD” for the Challenge. The class ended up being just me and Matt and my friend Kate and her bf (also named Matt). Date night at CrossFit! Cute, huh? I think this could be a thing…couples working out together on Friday nights instead of going out….I like it πŸ˜›

The 3rd Benchmark WOD was:
5 rounds- 20 Burpees and 20 KB Swings at 35 lbs

I wasn’t ready for this WOD, even though I did fine (finished in 12:07). I just know my body was not feeling good before I started. The past week has been rough on my body! Tonight is competitors class, another rough workout! Then, I’m taking a rest day!!!

From what I hear the first WOD tonight will be 100 overhead squats with 3 pullups EMOM (every min on the min).

I’m awful at pullups….but…

I’m really getting frustrated with myself right now. I’m doing well on this diet, I haven’t given in to any temptations, I love eating veggies and meat! BUT, for some reason my body has decided to torture me. I get hungry in the morning and that’s it. The rest of the day, I nibble on things, but I don’t feel like I have an appetite to eat food. I know, most people would LOVE to not be hungry, but hunger=metabolism working! Actually, the only thing my stomach (or maybe its my head?) wants is a PB&J sandwich, or ice cream, or something else completely awful for me. I’m trying to make Paleo “comfort” foods to fix this, but I’m still forcing myself to eat. Last night, I made baked sweet potato fries and a chicken sausage. Maybe because the fries wouldn’t quite crisp like fried ones, it didn’t satisfy my food desires. Ugh, I hate complaining about my eating, but if anyone has an opinion as to why I’m not hungry, I would love to hear it! I’m truly afraid my metabolism is slowing.

Less than 8 weeks now! Just have to keep going! πŸ™‚

Enduring Willpower

24 Sep

It’s Monday again, and as usual, my weekend was crazy busy.

Today marks one week of the paleo challenge. This weekend included a life event for me….
I passed on birthday cake and ice cream! Not just any cake and ice cream, but lemon cake with strawberry filling and vanilla cake with chocolate filling….and ICE CREAM! I love ice cream.
Here’s the birthday boy, Matt’s Grandpa! These sweets were to celebrate his 90th birthday!! Woo hoo!
Also, on Saturday, Matt and I ran the “Color Me Rad” 5k fun run. We got just a bit messy! I was not in the mood to run. I was so sore and tired from the past week of crazy workouts that I basically complained the entire time. We still beat the average person’s 5k time (mostly because Matt is incapable of running slow, so even though we were “running together”, I was actually chasing him the entire time)
On Sunday, we had a Handstand Clinic at CrossFit Beyond. 3ish hours of handstands is not easy on your body! I am extremely sore today! But, I was able to walk a few steps on my hands, so…Victory!!!!!
My friend Kate working on her handstanding!

For dinner Sunday, I treated Matt and his brother to Spaghetti Squash and meatballs, garlic roasted cauliflower, and yes…paleo garlic biscuits!

Will someone please explain this to me? Why the heck would you drink something with twice as many carbs to protein?! Thats a legit selling point?!
Happy Monday! Have a fit week πŸ™‚

Paleo Challenge: Days 1-6

22 Sep
 What have I been eating?!

Applegate Farms Chicken Sausage, half of a sweet potato, cucumber/tomato/onion salad
 Kale and pepper salad, buffalo chicken sausage, half ofa sweet potato
 Brussel sprouts cooked in bacon fat, turkey sausage, mushrooms, and an egg on top!

 <–Breakfast! 2 eggs scrambled with 2 strips lean bacon, and a half of a banana with almond butter

Roasted Chicken and vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, mushrooms)

Pulled/slow cooked chicken, half of a sweet potato, and brussel sprouts and mushrooms!
So, for the super duper exciting news…. I’ve lost 8 pounds already! Ok, so I know it’s not all fat. Duh. Maybe 2 lbs were fat, the rest was most certainly water weight and bloat brought on by the crap and the sodium filled junk I was eating. Big surprise! 
What’s saving me: 
-Chicken and turkey sausage- super fast and easy to eat. Good for at work lunch or after work snacks! High in protein (like 11g?)
-I found some non-cheat “cheats”. They are not cheats on the challenge, but if I eat too much of them they will not help me! These include bananas in all forms (smoothies, with almond butter, alone, in the form of pancakes), sweet potatoes (I stick to a half a day, but I could do without them!), and unsweetened pumpkin streusel (Check my recipes page for this fabulous-ness).
-Being too busy to think about food/not having a car all week to drive out and buy much food
-Chipotle is a great GO-TO with their salads! BUT watch out, the chicken and beef and fajita veggies are cooked in soybean oil! Stick with the carnitas πŸ™‚ its my fave anyway
**Note, I snack a lot! Usually almonds, fruit, or halves of avocado. I eat a lot. I make sure I get enough protein to keep from feeling hungry, but don’t be deceived. I am not starving myself or watching calories (portions I do watch, but thats becasue I have goals and they include gaining muscle and losing fat). I understand what my body needs.
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