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Rest Days are only for the Strong

14 Jun

I think I’ve mentioned before that a “rest day” in my mind has always been something lazy people use as excuses to…well, be lazy. I attempted to continue my 7 days a week workout routine when I first started crossfit and my God that’s not even possible. If you are capable of working out for 7 days straight of crossfit, you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. I like to plan my rest days because otherwise I will torture myself and then end up half-assing my workout. I am addicted to working out…it takes a good deal of convincing to NOT go! I will admit that I am not as sore as I expected to be…probably cause I’m a whiney baby when it comes to kettlebell swings and I keep dropping weight. (This will end once my entire abdomen stops cramping in unbearable pain and I am not longer on blood thinners….til then I reserve my right to be a baby)

*Side-note, if you’re wondering why I’m on blood thinners and in crazy pain, I donated eggs on saturday (not chicken eggs haha) to a woman that can not have children on her own. This is the second time I’ve done this, but the first time it cause pain 😦

So, back to rest days. Like I said, these are important! I work out less than ever and I’m losing weight and seeing serious muscle changes. I love it. I feel amazing. I can’t wait to train for another run and see how much my endurance has improved. The only downside to rest days is I have to limit my usual veggie/fruit carbs. No sweet taters or fruit for me today!

Off topic random note: using spaghetti squash or zucchini/squash as pasta instead of normal noodles is awesome! You can eat so much and not feel big and bloated…you know that feeling….the why the hell did I keep eating?! feeling.

the sun is shining and its a new day to be you’re best. Never give up.


One Month

6 Jun

Last month I started Crossfit. Friday will be my one month mark, and anyone who has talked to me since day 1 knows that I’m addicted/obsessed/slightly braggart and 100% believe that my workouts are better than yours…yes, I’m talking to you and your 1 hr+ workouts…they’re crap 🙂

Again, if you have spoken to me at all recently, yo also probably know that I am convinced that I will compete. Sure, about 50,000ish other people have a similar dream, but these are minor details. (My bigger, slightly harder and not as easy to achieve dreams include being sponsored by Nike and quitting my job to run my own Crossfit gym)

In my first week I went to workout 6 times, the next week 5…eventually Joy (trainer) asked me if I was taking “rest days”. I was like “oh yeah, when I’m not here I go for a run or something.” She then went on to tell me that if I didn’t start taking full rest days of NO EXERCISE (*gasp*…That’s not something I do…ever…unless it is 100% impossible for me to get to a gym) she would make my workouts harder until I had no choice but to take a day off. Needless to say, I have no intention of going to crossfit today because I can hardly open a door I’m so sore!

I’m starting to blog again because I want to keep track of my journey to compete. The games are going on right now, next year I plan to be participating. I started a paleo diet and so far I love it. I miss chocolate, but its getting better 🙂 I figure if I want to be serious, I need to eat right too. So here it is, I am one month in and on a long journey of pain, sweat, and tears. (Also, a lot of cheers and happy jumpy dances, like when I completed a 220lb deadlift on my first attempt at deadlifting!)

Also, did you all see, I climbed a rope..totally made it to the top, rang the bell and came down. Someday I’ll look back at this and be like “oh good job old self, you were so weak!”

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Perseverance is the key to success...